Ballhawking 2012: Now on Facebook

Today I just built a Facebook page for my cause Ballhawking 2012 Proudly Supporting The Children’s Institute. For those unsure, here is how this cause will work:

Hello my name is Zac Weiss and I am a sophomore at Point Park University. Having caught 206 baseballs, almost all of them at batting practice, I wanted to find a way to put this to good use. Last year, I decided to start Ballhawking 2011 Proudly Supporting The Children’s Institute. This was done so that I could use my ability to snag baseballs and allow it to raise money for The Children’s Institute. Last year I started in June, but now in year #2, I want to start the full season and try to make this initiative more successful.

Here is how you can help:

1. Pledge money for every baseball I snag: As a heads up, I caught 137 baseballs last year, but it would be great to see people help out. Some people pledged .50 cents per baseball last year, and this helped out in a big way.

2. Make a one time (or as many times as you would like) contribution: I understand that times are tough, but some people chose this option last year. If you can make more than one of these, that would be great.

3. Bid on various items: I created the Facebook page to interact with people throughout the baseball season. I also will use the page to put up images of many of the things I will put up that way you can view them before you bid. Expect to see autographed items, programs, ticket stubs, baseballs and more. I will price things fairly. Among the autographs I got last year were: Tim Lincecum, Adrian Gonzalez and Matt Kemp. These were huge signatures and the Gonzalez signature was a big sell. Many people chose these options and you never know what I will put up.

I appreciate any support that can be given. To like the page, feel free to visit



  1. mlblogswewill1992pirates

    Just as a note at this moment I accept cash and checks. No paypal yet. Checks should be made out to The Children’s Institute.

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