Final Predictions 2012 MLB Standings

With Opening Day being closer than ever, I will use this post to make my final predictions for how every team will finish.

NL East:

1. Phillies

2. Marlins (wild card)

3. Braves

4. Nationals

5. Mets

NL Central:

1. Reds

2. Cardinals

3. Brewers

4. Pirates

5. Cubs

6. Astros

NL West:

1. Diamondbacks

2. Giants

3. Dodgers

4. Rockies

5. Padres

AL East:

1. Yankees

2. Rays

3. Red Sox

4. Blue Jays

5. Orioles

AL Central:

1. Tigers

2. Indians

3. Royals

4. Twins

5. White Sox

AL West:

1. Rangers

2. Angels (wild card)

3. Mariners

4. A’s



Phillies defeat Marlins 4 games to 2
Reds defeat Diamondbacks 4 games to 3


Reds defeat Phillies 4 games to 2


Angels defeat Rangers 4 games to 2
Tigers defeat Yankees 4 games to 2


Tigers defeat Angels 4 games to 3

World Series:

Tigers defeat Reds 4 games to 1



  1. Mateo Fischer

    So what is the deal with the possibility of this second wild card. How close to the end of the season could they implement it? At least I heard that there was a shot it could come into play this season. I would assume teams would play differently if they knew there was a second wild card. Isn’t that the point of having it in the first place? Ugh, I just confused myself.

    • mlblogswewill1992pirates

      MLB met and there will be no second wildcard this season. I would imagine they will do this next season. There was a good shot of it happening, but all of a sudden things got silent and then turned down. The two wildcard teams would have faced each other in a one game playoff with the winner playing the team with the best record.

  2. Mateo Fischer

    Ah, dang. I think it would have been really fun this year with the juiced up AL West, the AL East with its three-headed monster, and the new and improved NL East, but I guess it’ll be even better next year as the first two won’t be losing any key players and the NL East will probably only get better with the arrival of Stasmania part deux.

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