Pirates vs Cincinnati Reds 4/12 PNC Park

This would be my only game of this series as the next day I had a press pass to cover for a news outlet and I despise most Sunday games.

This game was a nightmare from the start. I finally decided to get my season tickets and I went through the glass doors at 3:15 desperately trying to call my season ticket representative that was not picking up. Finally at 4 he came down and it was nice to talk to him. Still I had to wait for all of my tickets to print and I knew it was going to be tough. I was not going to be able to throw or anything. The wait was endless.

Waiting for my season tickets felt like the great pumpkin.

Waiting for my season tickets felt like the great pumpkin.

Finally at 4:20 I got my tickets and BP was spared for me, but the effect was taken. I had no time to get in my zone and I knew it was going to be a rough day.

I would get on the board during the Pirates portion of BP. Gaby Sanchez came up and hit an arching shot. I had a good play on it as a couple fans in front played it incorrectly. It was fading from me though, and I knew I had one shot at it as people were running in on it. Without looking, I flung my glove which was on the bottom left to the top right guessing the location. It looked like a hockey goalie trying to make a save out of position. I was able to grab the ball for ball #1 on the day. A lot of people seemed impressed.

I then went over to Jason Grilli to get him to sign the baseball. That was my main mission as one of my college professors had promised to give me $20 for my charity initiative if I got a Pirate to sign his baseball. I came through and got to talk to ‘J Grills’

Jason Grilli signs autographs

Pirates BP and all of Reds BP were dead for me. I just never got into it.

I knew how to get ball #2 and I was right as Reds first base coach Billy Hatcher again hooked me up. This was huge as this would be baseball #450 for my ballhawking career.

Career baseball 450

Ball #3 came from the man Euclides Rojas and was the ball A.J. Burnett used to warm up.

Rojas toss up

A.J. Burnett warms up

The Pirates won this game 6-5 and would sweep the series against the NL Central favorite.

I would ballhawk four days later but based on the weather forecast went somewhere else. Where did I go and how did I do? You’ll have to read my next post.



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