Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers 9/19 & 9/20


You never know what to expect from the Brewers but after another 10 days or so, I knew what to expect from the Pirates. Another lackluster BP.

Still I was three snags away from reaching my goal for the season.

I started out in center field and after about 10 minutes got one of the friendliest players Livan Hernandez to throw me a ball by asking in Spanish. Two Pirates fans were halfway over in front row and watched in shock as I put the finishing touches on my first snag of the day. Muchas gracias Livan!

I then searched for an empty area and ran over to the hot corner, third base by the tunnel to play grounders that could bounce over. I knew my speed could get to a ball before anyone.

I saw a yinzer fan in the front with a red coat on guarding the front spot with a glove, but knew he had no ability so I stood my ground, one section over and waited.

Another 10 minutes later, an unidentified Brewers batter hit a ball. It was not going to get to my section but I knew the man had no shot. The ball bounced over the man and into the tunnel. I recklessly hoped over the baracade and sprinted thru the tunnel while the guy was still trying to react. I picked up the ball easily and came out of the tunnel indifferent just as the man was walking in. No competition. Ball #2. Wish it was always that easy.

That would be it for BP so I set up shop by the bullpen. Kyle McPherson was making his first PNC Park start and after he finished warming up, he tossed me up ball #3 to end my night. Thanks Kyle!


Just one ball in this game, a Euclides Rojas toss up. I came late due to school and PNC Park’s stupid gate opening rule for afternoon games. I mean who lets their fans in for half an hour and then assentially puts them on house arrest by confining them to the riverwalk for 1/2 an hour. You open everything, you may have an increased profit [aka $].

So the fans were not even able to come in for an abbreviated Pirates BP and then the Brewers cut their session very short to add to the fact that their pitchers are stingy with toss ups.

If I am not a season ticket holder, it will dates such as this that I will not miss in the least. Get it right.


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