Pirates vs Milwaukee Brewers 8/26 PNC Park

Odds of a shutout were high as it was PhotoFest day. This year it would be on the field. Thanks to the Pirates advertising the heck out of it, it was packed. Fortunately, I had someone save me a spot, so I was good to go.

I will start with the snags since I will be posting a lot of pictures and don’t want this to be overlooked.

1. Euclides Rojas toss.

2. Lee Tunnel toss up by dugout. Tunnel is a former Pirate and now Brewers Bullpen Coach. Tunnel replaced Stan Kyles whom was hated by Pittsburgh ballhawks.

Now onto PhotoFest.

Randy “Big Yellow” Page, raced up the steps, and was going down the steps to section 108. The race was on, and I caught up to him which was awesome. Together we along with Colston set up shop on the third base side where we watched Jason Grilli and Chris Resop throw.

Every player/coach besides Jeff Karstens, that day’s starter would come out all at once in groups of three.

At first the idea was for us to be secluded on the dirt while the players/coaches stood on the grass and pose for pictures just the three of them. Lame. That soon changed.

Here are reliever Chad Quall’s thoughts on the format.

Now to the good stuff:

My first picture was with Starling Marte.

Got the #Partay started with Starling and the ice was broken.

Next up is my favorite, Euclides Rojas. Since he has been hired with the Pirates last season, he has been awesome helping out myself and my charity. He always waves to me with a smile on his face and makes sure I am doing okay. This little thing he does always makes my day, and I always let him know my appreciation.

[caption id="attachment_2197949" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Say hey for the J-Hay kid. He’s always smiling.

He must have been happy to see me.[/caption]

“Hey, Zac right,” came the question from one Jared Hughes. He remembered me talking to him at Bowling With the Bucs and when I interviewed him earlier in the season. I had come prepared and I think I surprised him. We caught for a minute or two before he asked if I wanted a picture.

The person that talked longest to me was bullpen catcher Herbie Andrade. He always has been great to us ballhawks and we had a nice conversation. His trademark of calling me along with everyone else Papi is great, so we said our hellos in Spanish. It was likely a few minutes conversation where he motivated me to continue my workouts and pushing myself. I missed getting a picture with Neil Walker because of this, but it was well worth it.

Before this though in-game entertainment man and friend of mine Joe Klimchak had told me he would interview me and I said hello to him and he came right over.

I interviewed with him for about two minutes and he later told me it was great because everyone else was giving him one word answers. The people next to me were surprised how calm I was and that I knew just what to say.

It is awesome, and if I make the final cut, I will pass along the link to the video.

Since coming to Point Park, I have felt much more comfortable being on camera and I feel I handled it pretty well.

Now time for more pictures.

There were big signs saying no autographs, but Resop was the most active signer. Anyone that wanted something signed, he accomodated.

Bowling buddies reunited. I put up the x for the strikes, or lack there of that we got. I won our lane, but it wasn’t pretty.

He was told to only take group shots. So after the last pic you saw in the previous entry, he posed just with me.

Best smile on the Pirates. Many say he should be the starting catcher.

I told him I was to stupid to take the picture myself. He said I’m not that stupid. Dry humor.

Joel said hello to me by name as well which is awesome. I meant to ask him if that was him that threw me those two balls I could not count when I had a press credential. I ended up giving the balls to Dodgers Bullpen Coach Ken Howell. Oh well, I will ask him sometime.

That was really it, and perhaps it was the fan’s spirit that allowed the Pirates to win.


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