Pirates vs Arizona Diamondbacks 8/6 PNC Park

This game was a risk on my part.

I have been ballhawking all season with a less than cooperative back and it was hurting worse than before. I already have had one incident where I literally had to rest it for a week. At that time, I was finishing up my sophomore year of college and I was in the gym everyday, so it was truly crushing.

One wrong move in the gym and it was back to square one once again. So I may have just as I typed this recovered from the injury. That’s three weeks.

Still I was at work today with massive limitations and I had to use the same limitations at the game. My speed was fine but on a hot day, my back was especially stiff to add to everything, so it was miserable.

Thank goodness I had some heating thing I put all over my back to help me make it. It took a lot of effort to make it through work and ballhawking.

Oh the bridge throwing was fun too. I threw my fastest and most consistent of the season which was weird. I had the headphones in the ear. I guess it pumped me up, or it was just a nice change from the repetitive PNC Park music.

I would run in and of course find nothing easter egg wise.

Due to the injury, I knew to limit my bursts and I went over to the foul pole as I figured that would be the best move for me.

It was a slow BP for me but I stood my ground and all of a sudden Gaby Sanchez got a hold of a pitch.

Of course the sun immediately was shining as the ball came straight to me. I tracked it perfectly and the ball felt great in the glove. It was just like returning a throw during the throwing session.

The ballhawks all threw their arms up as they never see me catch hit balls. I sarcastically pointed to the heavens. Herbie Andrade may have been the most shocked of all. I had a brief smile on my face, but then it was time to move on.

Of course it was Pirates BP, so I probably should have just kept smiling, yucking it up and dancing around. I would have done the dougie, but it never came on (Robbie “Scoonz” shoutout here).

Before BP was over, Euclides Rojas would toss me ball #2.

Diamondbacks BP stunk for me and Josh Collmenter was not tossing anything up. I went over to the first base side, but got nothing out of it.

I also did not get any toss ups.

I left shortly after to keep the stamina up and rest the back.


One comment

  1. Mateo Fischer

    You would think an injured back would make it LESS likely to catch a ball on the fly, but how about that? Also, I don’t know if it was intentional, but I started laughing after the sentence that reads: “…and it was back to square one again,” due to the punnyness of it. I’m a dork.

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