7/24 Pirates vs Chicago Cubs PNC Park

After all of the fun Monday night going into the wee hours of the morning of this game, I got a couple hours of sleep and then went to work.

I would meet up with my friend Zean around first pitch, but obviously first thing was first.

I went into the ballpark and proceeded to again stink up the joint in Pirates BP. Story of my life. Oh well, things happen.

I would not get shut down completely though thanks indirectly to an unlikely source in Juan Cruz. Cruz has been injured since the middle of July and he threw an onfield session of 25 pitches on two ocassions. He was throwing to a Pirates trainer with Euclides Rojas watching. I was the only one watching the session and when they continued throwing during BP, I was rewarded with ball #1.

The Cubs took a little while before BP and then got it going.

I relied on Tony Campana who promised me a ball and underhanded it right to me a few minutes later to get ball number two.

I then went to center field where I quickly ID’d former Red Sox pitcher Justin Germano and seemed to be the only one who knew who he was since the Cubs don’t have names on the back of their BP jerseys. He would toss me ball #3.

The Pirates would lose the game though due to Paul Maholm dealing in one of his final starts as a Cub.

Random pic time:


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