7/23 Pirates vs Chicago Cubs PNC Park

Never have I been this indifferent at a ballgame. I arrived late and thus had no time to stretch or throw. I had no reason to be fired up and it showed.

I was involved in a couple of scrums and just pulled up and shrugged my shoulder. James Russell, the lefty Cubs reliever helped me avoid the shutout by tossing me a ball and frankly that was it.

I also apparently had a Joel Hanrahan chin-stache from Spring Training according to some of the ballhawks. Oh well.

I was going to leave early but ran into fellow ballhawks Ian and Rick. I decided to stay with them to chase autographs for charity.

I started in the visitor entrance area to the ballpark. Right away, my targets Starlin Castro and Alfonso Soriano bolted without signing anything.

I was able to get James McDonald on the baseball I snagged earlier.

The three of us then went to the hotel.

We were able to see the Cubs come off the bus, but none of the players we wanted signed so we waited.

We would get Bryan LaHair who signed for all three of us.

Anthony Rizzo came into the hotel earlier and I went in with Ian for a minute, just to get his autograph. We made eye contact and he was reaching to take my baseball, but the security guard kicked us out. Great. I could have went the charity route or played dumb until he was finished signing, but at the spur of the moment, being indifferent, I just went outside.

The security guard then tried to bully again, but we held our ground despite his taunting after his shift ended five minutes later. Good riddence.

Finally around half an hour later, Soriano and Castro came out. Rick was waiting for “the perfect moment” but almost let them walk past.

Finally one of us spoke up. Soriano asked how many he had to sign and when he heard three, he stopped.

As he signed my baseball, I heard in a thick Dominican accent, “I feel so close to you right now…”. I immediately realized what he was trying to do and finished the lyric to the song, “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris.

“Hey you got it,” He said.

I then managed to get him to sign for myself and Rick.

Ian wasn’t with it and when he realized it he ran across the street and halfway down the block for Castro. I cannot repeat what Soriano said when he saw him.

So unfortunately I only had one baseball with me, but it was still cool to get Castro, Soriano, LaHair and McDonald on a baseball.


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