Pirates vs Miami Marlins 7/22 PNC Park

This will be a short entry as I did not arrive to the 1:35 game until 1:15. You all should know that Sunday games are brutal. I got a nice workout in, and then a short while later departed with my parents, brother and his friend to the game. Why? I was finally able to redeem my suite and got to invite people to join me. With it being my brother’s 11th birthday on Monday, I decided this would be a great day to do this.

Getting shutout seemed very likely given the circumstances, however Euclides Rojas came through for me with a toss up after starter Jeff Karstens warmed up.

Meanwhile I try to help my brother get an autograph every time he shows up, which is once a season. Last year, he got Chris Resop on a baseball and this time I was able to get some help from Jason Grilli who signed my brother’s baseball and his friend’s hat (my brother and his friend forgot another baseball and toys but fortunately the TV in the suite change to Cartoon Network, so they were entertained).

So with all of us happy, I grabbed their hands and we all walked up to the suite where we were joined by 12 other friends and family. I played host and did my best to make sure everyone was enjoying the game before sitting with my friends Andrew and Colston. We all host A to Z Sports at Point Park, and this was the first time all three of us were together since the end of the school year. It was great to just talk and share tons of laughs like we always too. It was relaxing and just fun.

The Pirates had fans on the edges of their seats with a low scoring game, but they got the job done to get a sweep of the Miami Marlins. They had a ton of momentum as the Chicago Cubs came to town.

Thing that disgusts me about PNC Park = All You Can Eat Seats People are paying for an outfield seat just to eat food, and a lot of people choose not to eat the food. Really? Just buy the outfield reserved ticket and save the money then. Plus, they leave such a mess and can’t clean up after themselves. The Pirates employ people to clean up from the end of the game to close to when the gates open. Don’t make them do extra work because of your laziness.

Oh and this happened towards the end of the game. First it started in the third inning, but then they did the wave again and one drunk man cracked me up. Oh I still think the wave needs to be saved for certain situations, but everyone views that differently.

It was fun being in the suites and counteracted the hot weather. I would later find out that quite a few people passed out throughout the ballpark.

Although there was only peanuts, snack mix and chips there it was just great fun with a lot of people, and really that’s what it’s all about.



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