Stop your whining

I’ll recap yesterday’s Marlins game later today, but for now I have something that I need to get off my chest.

Yes it is a fact that I get a lot of toss ups, but ballhawks need to accept and get over that. Do I get as many hit balls as I probably could? Likely not. Do I care? Not really, so please stop complaining about it.

Every tossup is a blessing for me, and as you all know every ball goes to charity, so does it get old, absolutely not so stop the sour grapes.

Also I am getting a degree in journalism, so quite a lot of my toss ups are because of this. Allow me to explain.

I am able to talk to players on a daily player and find common ground with a lot of them, and they choose to toss the baseballs up to me. These toss ups are more than a baseball to me, honestly it represents a conversation, a bond and a memory that I will remember. Just having some players take the time to talk to me, some of which are world class athletes or players I respect makes it awesome.

Yes a hit ball is hard to get, but all of these toss ups are hard to get as well. So to sum it up, I go for toss ups so much for these reasons: it helps raise money for a great cause, being able to talk to players which is always a cool experience, the memories I know it will leave.

So while a hit ball is great and I still go for those, I love the toss up because it is a great way to get a ball and interact with players.

I don’t have a glove trick and never will, I am not smart enough for one of those and I also run the risk of trying to get a ball on the field and have all kinds of balls go into the stands. I am stupid enough to take forever with a glove trick and considering how the Pirates seem to be anti glove trick, it is in my best interest not to have one.

So quit your whining about how I get my baseballs, you ballhawk how you want and leave me to ballhawk the way I enjoy.



  1. Quinn

    Keep asking for toss-ups and do what you have been doing. I ask for tons of toss-ups when I go to games because it is an easier way to get a ball. I get a hit ball here and there at Buffalo Bisons games like a foul ball. But, there’s no BP in Triple A that is open to the public, so I have to try to go for toss-ups or my totals will take a huge decrease. Keep going for toss-ups Zac. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.

    • Zachary Weiss

      I am glad that toss ups work for you as well. I don’t think it cheapens anything but obviously the degree of difficulty isn’t as high as other snags.

      • Quinn

        With out a doubt, I like getting balls from players because I can look back and think that was pretty cool getting a ball from that player.

    • Zachary Weiss

      This isn’t directed towards Rick if that is what you are asking. This is just something I noticed from ballhawks.

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