Pirates vs San Francisco Giants 7/6 PNC Park

As I said in the previous entry, this game was the only one in the series I attended for a variety of reasons. Still here are three more things that disgust me about PNC Park:

1. Erik Bedard’s super slow pace- I just hate how deliberate he is. Just throw the dang ball already. Considering how you have pitched ever since you left a start early, you could put it anywhere and it really won’t matter.

2. Zoltan being done incorrectly- Seriously, most Pirates fans are absolute morons. It is not right hand on top. Here is a tutorial that will satisfy even the newest Pirates fans.

3. Kids Day- I know the day is about the kids but it would help if they had some manners. “Here, here, here” is not going to get you a baseball, and crying is going to upset everyone around you. Oh and when you line up all the way around the stadium for running the bases, no one else can get anywhere. It is already tough enough to get around PNC Park sometimes. On a sunny day like a Kids Day, fans just want to get out of the ballpark after being in the sun for hours.

Now on to happier things.

Despite a heat index of 105, both teams took batting practice, which was awesome.

Ball #1 came from Gorkys Hernandez who fielded a ball at the wall. I asked him for the ball in Spanish and then got beisbol numero uno.

Ball #2 came during Giants BP from reliever Shane Loux. I should have had a ball earlier that was a cakewalk if I hadn’t been boxed out, but at least it was great to get on the board again. The Giants were pretty stingy with toss ups and when I initially asked Loux he said, “no they’re hitting too many out”. Undeterred I came by the third base side come 5:30 and when he fielded a ball close to me I shouted his name and fired a target. The throw was right on the money.

I then decided to test my luck at first base and ball #3 came from George Kontos. Good thing I had printed out a roster right before I left work (although the lack of ink made it hard to read). I was the only one who knew who he was and that’s a bonus.

The last ball was the routine toss up from Euclides Rojas, however it actually proved to be a bit difficult. Some moron fan kept interrupting my enjoyment of watching both starters warm up and then when Rojas tossed the ball, the guy tried to get in my way. I quickly adjusted and so did Rojas. Ball #4. It was the ball Erik Bedard used to warm up. Rojas picked it up after Bedard’s toss to the bag with the baseballs was long.

“Hey you got one,” an onlooker said.

“Yeah,” I said with a slight glare at the offender who tried to interfere with the snag.

Picture time:

Giants reliever Brad Penny signs autographs.

Both Colston who went to the game with me, and I got to pose with the Olympic torch, I guess this is the first time most of you get to see Colston.

Now we went for a change of pace and decided to eat at the Hall of Fame Club for dinner.

Our waiter’s name was Kevin, and just in case we wouldn’t remember, he gave us this.

This actually did come in handy later.

When it comes to ordering, I don’t turn down a Philly Cheesesteak much. I have consumed quite a few and am quite particular when it comes to how I like them. Of course I ordered the cheesesteak plain.

After a short while, our orders came out and they messed it up. I ended up needing the napkin Kevin wrote his name off for the first cheesesteak. The Pirates were winning this game and then once my order was messed up, they started to give back their lead. Coincidence? I think not.

When it came back out this was the result.

Now comes time for the grading:

– The steak was cooked well but I am not a fan of the steak being carmelized so I had to work through that.

– The cheese itself was very runny and not memorable.

– Bread was great and held the sandwhich together no problems.

If I had to rate it, I would give it a 6.75 out of 10. It lost a point for being cooked wrong, a point for the runny cheese, lost a little for camerlization and honestly it was average for me. That’s not a bad thing, I have particular tastes so what I may enjoy, someone else may hate. Hey it was fun analyzing the dish.

Meanwhile the Pirates lost, but still they are in first place as the second half begins.

I for one am excited to see the Pirates doing well and this club has much more potential than last year’s team did. Let’s Go Bucs, make us proud!



  1. Drew Brown

    Look forward to seeing you next Friday. Going to start my ballhawking career and hopefully I can achieve half of what you have as a ballhawk. Any tips you have for me once I enter that gate at 4:30? Where to go, what players to talk to, etc. Anything is appreciated.

    • Zachary Weiss


      Looking forward to next Friday as well. Hmm, where to stand is up to you, but all of the ballhawks usually spread out a bit to give people room. Your chances of getting baseballs are pretty good since the Pirates don’t know you yet, so you have a bit of an advantage. Advice is tough to give because Pirates BP isn’t as great as it should be. Andrew McCutchen and the first group have already hit by the time we get in. Further, while it is great to see Garrett Jones and Pedro Alvarez rake, they are lefties which means us STH confined in left field don’t get too much.

  2. Quinn

    4 baseballs is pretty good on the day. I’m actually going to my first Pirates game this Friday vs the Miami Marlins with Danny who you met at this game. I was wondering if you could maybe get us in early with your season ticket passes please. It would be greatly appreciated. Can’t wait to finally meet some of the Pittsburgh ballhawks including youreself. See you at the game,

    • Zachary Weiss

      Four has been my magic number as of late. Friday should be no problem, although I do have a buddy coming and we are leaving very early to cover an Arena Football game. Looking forward to meeting you Quinn!

      • Quinn

        Looking forward to meeting you to Zac!! Thank you, and can’t wait until Friday!

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