Pirates vs Cubs 5/27 PNC Park

It was a Sunday game for me as I had a friend that was taking me for free and we were sitting in the shade. It would be a hot day and I knew going in that once again there would be no Pirates BP.

Sundays are just frustrating and we get in later than Sundays last year. I am really trying to raise a solid amount of money for The Children’s Institute, and this only makes it harder on me.

I still took the chance and fortunately, the Cubs would take BP, but their first and best group had already hit by the time we were allowed in. To boot, a chef and prize wheel people pocketed the only couple of baseballs in left field, making things even tougher.

After about 10 minutes in left field I gave up. I was sick of tons of kids screaming, “here, here, here.” Honestly these players have names and say please and thank you. I am tired of the children thinking everything is handed to them. Your parents taught you manners, please use them.

I decided to just try first base and pray for the best.

Things were rough from the get go, as I knew the people over there could remember me from the previous day.

Bullpen catcher Andrew Lane fielded a ball and I told myself this could be my only chance

“Andrew, could you please toss me the baseball,” I asked.

“Hey, I remember you from yesterday, but you’re wearing a Cubs shirt,” He said.

“I know. I am trying to get raise money for charity and catching baseballs is my way of doing it, and thus the shirt,” I replied.

“What charity,” he asked.

We talked for about 30 seconds and he tossed the ball over for ball #1.

I ended up being right. It was my only chance all day, as Pat Listach once again ignored my asking for a baseball.

Oh well, I still got the watch the pitchers warm up and as always, interact with Bullpen Catcher Herbie Andrade and Bullpen Coach Euclides Rojas.

The Pirates would end up winning the game and giving the Cubs their 12th straight loss. The Pirates got a seemingly rare home sweep which was huge and needed when they were facing such a weak opponent.

The Pirates would move on and play the division leading Cincinnati Reds the next day on Memorial Day. How would I fare on a day where the Pirates again took no BP? You’ll have to stay tuned for the next entry.



  1. Quinn

    It just didn’t sound like the right day for ballhawking at PNC. Glad you got one baseball though and talked to a player about your

    • Zachary Weiss

      Kids Day never is to be honest Quinn. It is a shot in the dark and it puts my streak on the line. I have already decided that I am out for this Sunday’s game.

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