Pirates vs New York Mets 5/21 PNC Park

Despite still feeling under the weather, I decided to attend this game.

Due to the no camera thing I will keep this one on the shorter side.

This was a Monday game which usually means, low crowds and more baseballs.

The low crowds part was right but Pirates and Mets BP absolutely stunk.

I don’t know if it was my wearing a hat I normally do not wear or what, but I just got no luck.

Ball #1 came from a Jeff Locke toss up. Locke was only up as Jason Grilli was on the bereavement list and was filling in (and was never used in a game).

Seriously that was it for Pirates BP. One ball. Yep, not too pleased.

Then the Mets came up. I waited for someone to come into the bullpen and that was bullpen catcher Eric Langill. I was extremely fortunate that I had my photo roster with me. The Mets coaches on their website were all listed but hiding in the second set of coaches was Langill and I found a picture of him to go off of.

When I saw him, I had some Mets stuff off and asked him if he had any commemoratives. He initially said no he did not but then he looked in the bullpen bag.

“This is the best I can do,” Langill said.

That’s the best you can do?

Posing with the New York Mets commemorative baseball. My third commemorative of the 2012 season.

That’s perfect, and it’s ball #2. I heard that other ballhawks did not have the same luck and that is unfortunate, but I am pleased to snag this one.

Ball #3 came when the gates opened at 5:30. I thought I saw an Easter Egg along foul territory on the first base side, but unfortunately, an usher pocketed it. It led to some confusion as Lucas Duda snagged a ball close to me and I asked him for it. He pointed to the left of me in the wheelchair area. I was confused thinking he was asking me to run a route like a wide receiver. Then after he told me there should be a ball there, I explained that it was pocketed. He shrugged his shoulders and threw me the ball.

That would be the last one of the day.

As for the game Erik Bedard got the start and I actually left after the second inning. Bedard was at 50 pitches, things were moving way too slowly for me and I was sick after all.

When I left the Pirates were down 4-0, but they came all the way back to win a 5-4 game. Good for them.



  1. Quinn

    Awesome! You got another commenerative ball! I live in Buffalo, New York and that is where the Triple A affiliate of the Mets, the Buffalo Bisons, play and maybe I’ll get a Mets commenerative ball in Buffalo, as the balls may get sent to Buffalo after a couple years.

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