Wow, really?

I will preface this by saying that I apologize in advance for this post. This blog is supposed to be about the Pirates and my charity initiative, however this post has to be made and I speak for all of the true Pittsburgh ballhawks as I type this post, because this is how we all feel.

There is one and possibly a second person that are completely ruining the PNC Park experience with their negative attitude, empty promises, threats and frankly stupidity. I have lost complete respect for this person, so heck I’ll name the person, Rick Sporcic.

Rick is everything that a ballhawk should not be. He lies about his statistics just to make himself feel better which includes counting soccer balls instead of baseballs. Yes one of your friends actually told me this, and it is not cool. Among his goals are to snag “500 baseballs” (and the list goes on) and it is actually hilarious since he maybe gets two baseballs a game. Yes this is a far cry from the 113 that he claims on snagging this season, something everyone knows is not true.

Sporcic is also one of the indirect reasons that his idol Zack Hample no longer uses a big glove. Others have copied it, and the way Sporcic uses it is insulting, and he cannot even catch with it.

His threats to knock over people also are uncalled for and are against not only ballhawking rules but PNC Park rules as well. His refusal to give baseballs to others is also for personal gain so he can “sell the balls on Ebay to fund future road trips”. Ugh whatever…

The worst part is that he calls my charity “questionable” and says that I wear a “skirt”. I do agree that I at times can rely heavily on toss ups, but you do as well, especially your daily Jason Grilli toss up.

I could care less that you are questioning me, but by doing so, you are insulting children who have various kinds of disabilities. In Kindergarten, I went there because I was behind on my motor skills and my time there helped me become a better person. I am appreciative of the help they provided me and this is the best way that I can give back. Every dollar helps out these wonderful children.

If you do not believe me, why don’t you call The Children’s Institute? They will gladly discuss the $388 that I raised last year. I will be making my first visit up there next week to bring some money over that I have obtained this year.

Still no, well here are some links you should check out:

How about from the site that you use to log baseballs? : – The official Facebook page for the charity.

I also will be in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review in the near future.

Also have to mention that many people have told me they have received letters of thanks from The Children’s Institute themselves. Nothing fake about that, right?

So instead of you and your friend trying to rip me for the various tactics I and others use and actually learn a thing or two and actually try to “become friends with everyone” like you “wanted”. Please stop making fun at everyone and focus on yourself. If you continue to threaten people then I will be forced to do something that I really do not want to do. Not a threat at all, just do what you are supposed to do and stop acting out.

Oh more proof?

One of the checks I presented last year.

In closing, I love how out of all of the PNC Park ballhawks you chose to target me. That’s fine, I have a lot of connections that go very high up and if anything happens to me, then I do one thing and you are done.

Time to stop talking and do what you are supposed to do and no that is not insulting children.

Oh and thanks for calling me Rocky. Just start worrying about youself. Gonna fly now.



    • Zachary Weiss

      Past the point of no return. Honestly, all of the PNC Park ballhawks feel this way. Not nice, liar and manipulator.

  1. Quinn

    Wow, this Rick guy sounds horrible! I really think it is great for what you do! I am a ballhawk myself, and I think it is a brilliant idea that you have this charity. I know for a fact that this is a real charity and I would be glad to tell this Rick guy to. Keep doing what you’re doing man. It’s truly awesome how you do that for those kids. I hope you get many more baseballs throuout the year!!!!!!

    • Zachary Weiss


      First I appreciate your reading my blog and being compelled enough to comment. He does not come off as a pleasant person, and I just went back on his blog and saw that he called all of us PNC Ballhawks “complete d-bags”. He then called himself “one of the nicest people you will meet”. That is not true. All of us PNC Park ballhawks are willing to give you a chance if you make the effort. I know when I introduced myself to them, they were nice right away and I always returned the favor. We all talk and throw before most games and it is great.

      Feel free to say hello to me by the gates the next time you attend a game. My next game actually will not be tomorrow, but Wednesday.

      Thanks again for reading,

      • Quinn

        What is his blog? Could you give it to me so I could look at the dumb stuff he is saying? I read the other Pittsburgh ballhawks blog too and you guys sound like great guys but Rick, not so much. I have never been to Pittsburgh before as I live in Buffalo, NY and mostly ballhawk at Triple A stadiums, but If I ever do come down to Pittsburgh for a game, I’ll be sure to say hi.

      • Zachary Weiss

        Rick and I are trying to work out our differences. I spoke for all of the Pittsburgh ballhawks when I typed that and it was kind of so he got a sense of how we felt. I appreciate your support in reading it and out of respect for Rick, I won’t put the blog up here yet as I don’t want his blog littered with bad comments. PNC Park is a great stadium, just the grounds crew is too much with how much they take care of their grass and the park is hard to ballhawk in.

  2. Troy

    No worries Zac fellow season ticket holders see what goes on. You catch baseballs for fun, and we all know that your money raised goes to a worthy cause! Keep doing your thing, and sooner or later everyone will realize that guy is a big fraud!

    • Zachary Weiss


      Thanks for your support and for reading this blog. Rick and I are working out our differences right now and hopefully it turns out good. I really did want to raise money for charity and this was my best way to go about doing it. Rick does catch a lot of the baseballs, but we will hopefully iron out differences. As I just told Quinn, the post was mainly to show how we all felt. It of course could be changed, but I am not sure if he recognized our feelings.

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