Man Down?

I was set in my plans for this homestand. I was going to attend every single game except tomorrow’s (Friday’s) against the Reds as I have work. Here is what may make me reconsider.

Last Thursday I was on top of the world having leg pressed 300 pounds but things have changed since then.

I left Point Park’s softball games Sunday night and felt a discomfort in my lower back. I immediately assumed cramp and decided to drink some water and go to sleep.

I knew something was off when I woke up the next morning and still felt the discomfort. I went to class and took my final and it was still there after that. Still thinking it was a cramp or muscle fatigue I decided to go to the gym and put myself through the hardest core workout I have ever put myself through.

I immediately realized during the first set of reps that something was wrong as my back was flaring, especially when I did sit ups and various kicks.

Despite the pain, I pushed through it and finished the workout.

The usual dizziness followed but half an hour after the workout I felt the discomfort and it was still difficult bending down to get things.

Seeking a second opinion and still on campus, I went to the school nurse and described the pain. She immediately referred me to a doctor with an appointment being the next day.

I had to teach tennis that day and I still remember the pain and how I could not bend down to retrieve tennis balls or even bend so that I could get the the children’s eye levels.

I struggled to sleep that night and when I woke up I knew that all of my questions were going to be answered.

I described my feelings with my doctor and I had my assumptions as to what it would be. The doctor put his hand on the spot and he and I came to the same conclusion: strained back.

Yes the very same injury that is currently affecting future hall of famer Jim Thome. I was told on Tuesday to avoid heavy lifting for 7-10 days which leads me to a big perdicament.

I have been taking three Ibuprofen, one after each meal under doctor’s orders and the pain is slightly there but I cannot feel it as much. It is still tight.

I am honestly torn about attending the game Saturday under my usual Saturday strategy which would have me in one spot and not have to run around and risk my back. I also would have someone watch my bag since it would have a change of clothes. My only fear is that one wrong turn and my back is back to square one at best.

Also I have Bowling With the Bucs scheduled for Sunday, and I have already registered so I have to be super careful.

The gamer in me really wants to go. I average five balls a game on Saturdays and I would stay until BP is over before I leave the ballpark.

I have given myself a lot of rest and will continue to do so but I likely won’t make a decision until I wake up on Saturday.

What do you think I should do?



  1. Mateo Fischer

    I would say just stay home if it is only one game that you are debating about going to. My rationale is that it’s too early in the season to create a recurring issue. If the season were winding down, I would say go for it, because you could always rest it in the offseason, but I would just want to get it rested and then continue like it never happened.

    • Zachary Weiss

      I understand it is early, however it is the Reds who can mash during BP, I could raise some money for charity and I average five balls during charity. If I do go I will have to be extremely careful.

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