Batting Practice 8/24 West Mifflin

I was asked by my friend and fellow ballhawk Erik Jabs to join him for a BP in West Mifflin and considering it would get some more throwing in me, I was more than willing to do it.

Things got quite complicated though, as my plans changed numerous times. I ended up receiving last minute questions from my parents as to whether or not I would go to Harrisburg to visit my mother’s side of the family, most specifically my uncle from Arizona who I had not seen in a year and my aunt who is currently battling against stage four breast cancer. It was great to see everyone but it did throw a wrench in my plans. I would end up having to pitch BP Wednesday night after games Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon with BP, throwing, etc in there. Needless to say I was a little tired, but this was the only way my plans would work.

My best friend Colston picked me up, and we slowly continued (thanks more unneccesary Pittsburgh construction) towards La Haciendo which was right by Century III Mall.

Erik then met us and drove us to the field and we warmed up and threw to each other, before I toed the mound and got ready to pitch.

I started out a little wild, but soon found the zone with some consistency. Overall my pitching performance considering a tired arm went better than expected, and I even threw in some sidearm action to confuse Erik.

My hitting is never good, but I did better than expected and handled Erik’s knuckler quite well consistently hitting it out of the infield.

Fielding was a little hard as I was tired, a little peaved from all of the traffic, and to boot, the stadium lights were coming on.

Here is a link to a video of what I mean:

All in all, it was a fun session, and I would do it again.



  1. Mateo Fischer

    Sounds and in the video kind of reminds me of ballhawk Fest this year in the ballhawks away from the stadium on some field but sounds like you had a great time. And remember, TWO HANDS!

  2. mlblogswewill1992pirates

    Mateo, I usually use two hands, but the focus for me was on my route running. The end result of a catch was not at the top of my mind. See, I just figured out to take a step back and then turn and run, but I was so brain dead that I didn’t do that enough and it resulted in some flimsy reactions including the one I over ran. Not my finest efforts, but still, a learning experience.

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