Pirates vs St. Louis Cardinals 8/17 PNC Park

For yet another game, I was all by my lonesome. Sometimes I prefer it, because it means that I can roam around without the worry of leaving someone behind, but it also means that I have to leave earlier to get to the ballpark and that is a definite minus. The Pirates are my team despite my problems with the way the ballpark is run, and I hate leaving at nine.

I was first to get to the ballpark yesterday, but because of the whole situation where my bag was nearly confused for a bomb, I took my bag to get my tickets and by the time I got back, Baseball Joe had arrived, so unfortunately I got the second spot in line.

It was not a total loss though, as despite throwing what I now declare to be around 150 pitches yesterday, I toughened out another 200 plus pitches. As I sit, here my left arm is thanking me for taking the day off. My velocity got faster as I continued, but my arm was thrilled when I was done.

When I got into the park, I was pleased to see that there were no fans on the field, but there were no Easter Eggs. As I searched in the general admission area, a couple of balls hit the lower area, but were scooped up by the time I got back down.

Very shortly after, the Pirates left the field, and I decided to wait by the bullpen as there was a ball on the Cardinals side of the bullpen and Mark Strittmatter was also using one with Michael McKenry. When they were at the door, I asked for a ball, and “Stritty” placed the baseball in his hands into my glove for ball number one on the day. I have heard and seen him as others trivia questions to earn the baseballs, and I did not have to go through any of that, which pleased me.

I then prepped for the Cardinals BP. I did not miss much, as neither Fernando Salas in left nor Jason Motte were tossing any baseballs up. Motte even swore loudly (with tons of kids listening) after he did not catch up to a baseball.

I decided to head to center, although I thought about looking in foul territory. I found no baseballs in center, but very shortly after, I finally got into a Cardinal player’s head and Corey Patterson threw me a ball, which I had to reach over the fence for to get ball number 2. I’ll take it everytime though.

That was it for BP, although I tried to get other baseballs.

I headed towards the bullpen afterwards, and I ended up somewhat scoring.

The Pirate Parrot often shoots yellow soft baseballs into the crowd, and for many years I wanted one, but never really came close.

The Pirates relievers always bring one of these balls into the bullpen with them. Often times Daniel McCutchen is the most animated with these balls, and he has hit many unsuspecting relievers. This time, him and Chris Resop took turns standing still and trying to hit each other. McCutchen hit Resop in the groan area, and celebrated in mock fashion. Somewhere along the line, Herbie Andrade tossed it up to me, without me asking. Resop, who now knows and likes me, asked for it back, and I happily threw it back. After he hit Herbie and then McCutchen in the thigh, he tossed it back to me, this time for keeps.

Although it was a funny exchange, this does not count to my collection.

Earlier, I was by the bullpen and Herbie and Euclides Rojas came in, and we all had a brief conversation. I love talking with them each time and the fact that they make the effort at each game I attend shows that they appreciate me coming. I love talking with and getting to know them. Many say Euclides is mean, but he is very nice and has a great story, you just need to get to see him and know him.

As for the game itself, it stunk and I left at nine. Matt Holliday did not hit career homer 200 in this series, which was disappointing for me, because I had already planned out what I would do if I caught the monumental snag. Oh well, the Reds series starts tomorrow, and I am ready for some fun with Cincy. I hope to meet Brandon Phillips, he seems very cool and interacts a lot with fans on Twitter. In the mean time, let’s go Bucs!



  1. mlblogswewill1992pirates

    It was a very cool interaction with D. Cutch. He had a sub 0.50 ERA in the early stages of the year. He is definitely the most flexible of the Pirates arms, as he was a starter last season and pitched a good deal in that 19 inning game against the Braves. Chris Resop is putting things together as well, but relievers have been inconsistent here and the team misses Evan Meek.

    As for Phillips, he just seems like a cool guy. He had a day off, and he visits a kid on a whim because of a tweet and the fact that he was eating dinner in that area. He seems to take time to thank the fans and many stars of the game do not take the time to do this.

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