Ballhawking Declaration: MAJOR Announcement

I have decided to make a declaration for this season. Zack Hample’s home run catches in the latter days at Old Yankee Stadium were the single moments that got me into ballhawking. Hample has snagged for charity for a couple of seasons or so now, and having snagged 100 baseball, I feel that this is going to be me further spreading the wealth. Therefore I have made the decision to ballhawk entirely for charity starting in June.

This is a huge decision, especially for someone as young as myself but I consider myself a good person. Everything will work similar to what Zack is doing. 100% of all proceeds will go to my charity of choice, The Children’s Institute. They are a great non-profit that help children that are behind others their age. They treat others with serious illnesses and diseases, and in fact when I was young, I was behind my age group in motor skills, and they helped me a lot. This is the ultimate way of me paying it forward. 

  People have the option to pledge money for each baseball I catch, however people can also make a cumulative one time donation. At the end of the season 100% of the proceeds will go to charity of my choosing.

This season, I also have been giving a lot of my baseballs away, but come June, things would change. I will not be giving my baseballs away, but rather selling them with much of the proceeds also going to The Children’s Institute. The price would depend on the condition of the baseball, and also if I get the baseball signed, the signature on the baseball.

I am hoping that a lot of people will help me in this endeavor as was the intention of announcing this early. I made this decision earlier in the week, and made it public on Friday night to both Facebook and Twitter. I would love for as much help as possible, and although I know that times are tough,  you can pledge as little as a penny per baseball. This is for charity so I would appreciate as much of a donation as well, not for me, but to change the lives of these children at The Children’s Institute.

 I actually wrote the earlier part of this post, during the construction of this new wordpress blog, and the following serves as an update.

 I have been in touch with The Children’s Institute, and they emailed me back stating their interest and told me that they would be willing to help me in any way they can. What I did not realize was that The Children’s Institute has a new partnership with the Pirates. This can help me as the Pirates can contribute to my cause. I hope that I can get this out through as many people and if the Pirates can contribute, then that would help. Manager Clint Hurdle’s daughter is affected with Prader-Willi Syndrome and The Children’s Institute, helps people with this disorder. I am hoping that somewhere along the line, I can talk to and perhaps even partner with Manager Hurdle and get this out there. I am hopefuly that this idea of mine will help and inspire many. I have received full support from the Children’s Institute and will be receive a letter in the next couple of days or so and then can officially begin my campaign. All I would need is help, and that is where you come in.

Any help of course would be greatly appreciated and if you are interested in more information or how to pledge, then please comment on here. My email address is, my Facebook page is Zac Weiss, friend me and comment that you are interested in pledging for charity. I also have a twitter where you can follow me @wewill1992. You can tweet me that you are interested in pledging. I would love to have your support in this, and also if any friends or family are interested then please get them in touch with me as well.

     June is only a short while away, and every dollar counts, and remember you will be doing it for the children. My next baseball game is Saturday, and I hope to start selling baseballs from that game and I am even more hopeful for some signatures. All I need from you is your help, and you can contact me in any of the ways in the above paragraph, again though I cannot stress enough that you can chance children’s lives.



  1. mlblogswewill1992pirates

    Also, here is how the baseballs will be sold. I will place a price on them, which will vary as I stated above. If you match it, and are first to offer me the asking price, then you will get the baseball. If not, then the best offer will get the baseball. I will counter if need be. Again this money goes to charity, so please be kind and bid generously.

    • mlblogswewill1992pirates

      Thanks so much Mike. I agree that it is a great cause. Please feel free to read my blog as many things will be up for sale with proceeds benefitting charity. Perhaps I could get some Phillies stuff for you, but we will have to see.


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