Some brief notes AKA the recap before the recap

1.  I was not at the ballpark on Tuesday, as the game was postponed.

2. That is the link to the article I told you about that I wrote for my Point Park Student Newspaper. For some reason the ending cuts off and it should finish with “the better”… only two more words.

3. I was quoted in Wednesday’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, about the whole tasing situation adding to all of the press that I am getting. Here is a link to that:

 4. Although I was a media member tonight I still was able to get eight baseballs but returned them to the teams as I was on the field and a media member. I gave one away to a friend. For the first ball I got it for Pedro Alvarez and Luis Silverio. They said I could keep it but motioned to Herbie and asked him if he wanted it. He motioned yes and I threw a decent strike right to his waiting glove. I then got a few more during the Pirates bp that came my way and then more during the Brewers bp portion. Normally I would write a full entry about this, however I promise that I will more than make up for it, as I have a ton of quotes from the Pirates game that I will share with you. I will have this up on Saturday at the latest. My camera is not behaving, and pics on this blog sometimes work and sometimes don’t, so we will see on pics.

5. One thing I will reveal, is that Clint Hurdle called us back into his office after the postgame meeting as he had forgotten to tell us that Jason Jaramillo was optioned back to Triple-A Indy and Chris Snyder will come back up. This is effective immediately, as Snyder will join the team tomorrow. Despite packing his things to leave, Jaramillo stopped to speak with us. This was the first ever time I had to be a part of an interview with a player who was sent down, and it had to be tough, but I have a whole lot of respect for him for doing the interview.

 I am going to make one more post now to discuss who I interviewed and some other notes from Wednesday’s media fun.


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