A Vote For Pedro.. No not THAT One

I understand that this may seem like a Napoleon Dynamite or even a Pedro Alvarez reference, but that is not the case. The Pedro that I happen to be speaking of is Pedro Ciriaco.

 This past September Ciriaco was made a September call-up and management never gave him a chance. He never really got a chance to start and show off some of his glove work. His bat in that small quality looked impressive as he hit .333.
 This Spring, Ciriaco has been given ample opportunity at shortstop and has rewarded the Pirates hitting over .350 before today’s “B” game that he was scheduled to be in. Manager Clint Hurdle seems impressed by Ciriaco and honestly, why wouldn’t you be?

 Ciriaco has to be considered a front runner as Rule-5 pick Josh Rodriguez does not look to make the team. Ciriaco can play the infield minus first base and is dabbling in some outfield and can prove his worth even further.

 It also helps Pedro’s case that Ronny Cedeno, who does his best work in the earlier part of the season was hitting .217 as of Sunday although he has brought that up since then. Cedeno is too streaky for me and much like Andy LaRoche is good in April, no more and no less.

 Ciriaco was given to the Pirates by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the trade that sent Chris Snyder here as well. Pedro was rated the Diamondback’s best defensive prospect, so the offense is a strike extra, no pun intended.

 If this Pedro does not make the roster come Opening Day, then something is truly wrong with this team. I understand what Garrett Atkins and Josh Fields can do, but at this moment the way that the roster is, Ciriaco is the way to go.



  1. Anthony Murphy

    completely agree… Ciriaco has made it very hard for the Pirates, while Rodriguez had the ‘advantage’ in a tie since he was a rule 5, it has been far from a tie. The fact that he is trying out outfield gives him another edge. I think the pirates would be crazy not to keep Ciriaco with the big club

  2. wewill1992

    Thank you so much for your comment. Ciriaco has definitely made it hard for the Pirates. A lot of the Pirates can play many different positions, so perhaps the outfield could be a make it or break it for him. I think the Pirates need to give him a chance for once and if they don’t it will be a HUGE mistake.

  3. wewill1992

    Not to mention Ciriaco is fast too and would help Clint Hurdle who is trying to be more aggressive on the basepaths.

  4. Anthony Murphy

    exactly… i love that Hurdle is going to have us be more agressive, we have plenty of speed to use…

  5. wewill1992

    We do and now with these cuts that are coming, he is supporting his logic and is not all talk. He is not afraid to send his men.

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