Pirates lose one of the family

 Yesterday it was announced that Pirates manager Chuck Tanner had passed away at the age of 82 after a long illness.

 There was reaction from many in the baseball world and all reactions were positive, as that was the kind of person that Tanner was. I never personally met Tanner, but from everything I have heard from people, he was just the nicest person and great to be around.

 Former Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda referred to Tanner as a “brother” when commenting on Tanner’s passing.

 Current Pirates pitcher Paul Maholm noted that he enjoyed every conversation he had with Tanner was a great and enjoyable experience.

 Pittsburgh-born Neil Walker understood Tanner’s impact as well, as he knew how important he was in Pirates history.

 Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig also remarked on Tanner’s legacy and what he will leave to the game of baseball.

 There was so much reaction and love from Pirates fans everywhere on Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums.

 If the Pirates do not observe a moment of silence on Opening Day and then make a patch on the jerseys with his name or number then it may be the lowest point in Pirates history.

 Again, I did not have the pleasure of meeting Tanner, he made you feel like you knew him with his kind nature and calling him Chuck just seemed so fitting.

 Shortly after the 2006 All-Star Game in Pittsburgh, where Tanner received a loud ovation from the crowd, Tanner had cancer and survived which prompted Pittsburgh Post-Gazette columnist Ron Cook to ask why Tanner could not live another 30 years or so.

 Regardless, Tanner won the hearts off all of Pittsburgh and he will always be remembered.

 Rest in peace Chuck!



  1. raysrenegade

    Tanner was one of those Managers you had to love based on his knowledge, respect for his players and his grit to win at all costs. Tanner was an instinctive gambler as a Manager. He would put it all on black if it meant a W. You got to admire that in a Manager who would go above and beyond to get his player’s some sort of satisfaction after a wholehearted effort.
    He will be missed. Especially this time of the year when he might have strolled the hallways of Pirate City in Bradenton,Florida.

    Rays Renegade

  2. wewill1992

    I apologize for not responding as quick as usual, I have truly been busy and only today caught up with some blog work. Tanner was one of a kind and yes was always present in Bradenton, no one has a mean thing to say about Mr. Tanner.

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