2011 Pittsburgh Pirates Promotions

I was on the Pirates website and saw all kinds of pictures for some of the promotions. Also as a side note, I also found that the band Train who is famous for singing songs such as “Drops of Jupiter”, “Calling All Angels”, “Hey Soul Sister” and “If It’s Love” will be performing at the final Skyblast of the year on August 6. Here are the pictures of the promotions. A lot of these promotions (5 of them are for kids), the first promo is a celebration of the 1971 World Series Champions and also of note the Neil Walker bobblehead is the first bobblehead sponsored by Root Sports which will replace Fox Sports in the Spring :








  1. wewill1992


    That is quite funny he does look like Ty Wigginton now that I look at it. Thanks for reading my blog. I have read your blog quite a bit and am glad to see that you took the time to look at mine. I hope you will continue to read the blog. See you at PirateFest?

  2. wewill1992


    I will be there Friday and Sunday as well, and I found out the supposed Friday autograph schedule which I have posted on my blog. I have both a Facebook and Twitter. I just friended you on Facebook and on twitter my name is @wewill1992. It is based off of the Pirates not have an over .500 season since 1992.

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