Zack Hample Interview Part 1

 I had the priviledge of interviewing ballhawking King Zack Hample on January 14 about his book The Baseball: Stunts, Scandals and Secrets Beneath the Stitches which is due March 8, 2011. Please do not ask me anything about the book as all I will tell you is that Zack gave me a galley which is a copy of the book that is not quite complete but is close to it. Zack told me that it was his first interview about the book which made me happy. We talked for a little under an hour and he really seemed to enjoy the talk we had and at times it seemed to be more than just an interview. I will write a book review at another time (probably closer to release date), but to get you excited to get the book I will type the interview. It was really long, so the next entry I do will not be the whole interview but I will give you pieces at a time, perhaps a couple of days apart just to get you even more excited for the book. By Monday I will have the first part up so please follow along as I will have the complete Zack Hample interview up soon.



  1. zackhample

    Well, it was a privilege to be interviewed by you. Thanks for your time, and I can’t wait to see all the silly things I said in print.

  2. wewill1992


    Thank you for the nice words. You will appreciate what you said about Ichiro. I hope you will still have time to read my blog.

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